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Sustainability Problem and Proposed Solution: 

The California Green Business Network oversees 25 green business programs throughout California. To date, 3,396 California Green Business participants have saved more than $41 million through green practices. They have also prevented emissions of more than one million tons of GHG's, diverted more than 1.5 million tons of waste from landfills, and saved 750+ million gallons of water.

There are multiple businesses that have been unable to complete their certification due to retrofit costs.

Project Categories: 
Buildings & Facilities
Business & Economics
Energy & Climate
Awareness, Education & Engagement
Waste & Recycling
Project Status: 
In Progress
Project End Date: 
Campus Organization: 
Carbon Fund
Sustainability Office
Affiliated Department, Unit or College: 
City of Santa Cruz, UCSC Sustainability Office, UCSC Physical Plant
Project Location: 
Both on and off campus