Title Summary Category Status Updated
DIG IN Food Justice Conference at UCSC This conference will be a high profile public event exploring issues of affordability, health, and food security. In Progress 03/19/2018
IDEASS Digital Storytelling - DROPS A documentary is being made to increase community awareness and involvement with the DROPS rainwater catchment project at Bayview elementary In Progress 03/18/2018
IDEASS-Rainwater Catchment Developemnt Our goal is to increase stormwater capture and retention in Santa Cruz through the use of low impact development (LID) projects to reduce r In Progress 03/18/2018
Arboretum Lighting Project Illuminate pathways, driveways, bus stops, parking lot, and traffic signs with solar lights 100% off of the electrical grid. In Progress 02/21/2018
Monterey Bay Carbon Fund—Solar For Schools Initiative The goal of the proposed project is to catalyze the next phase of MBCF Solar for Schools installations In Progress 02/15/2018
College 8 Garden Campaign The College 8 Garden campaign is dedicated to keeping the College 8 Garden thriving while fostering peer-to-peer education on campus. Completed 02/15/2018
Students for Organic Solutions To spread the word on how our current food systems impact different aspects of culture and society. Proposed 02/15/2018
Earth Summit Campaign The Earth Summit is a space for students, staff, faculty, and community members to come together and celebrate campus sustainability. Proposed 02/15/2018
Aquaponics Pilot We are building a water-wise system for growing plants and crayfish in the Thimann Greenhouse and a educating UCSC about aquaponics In Progress 02/15/2018
Creating a Dual Green Business and Green Office Checklist An engaging and ecological commitment to facilitate cooperative measures to incorporate two sustainable certification processes In Progress 02/11/2018