Title Summary Category Status Updated
Climate and Energy Strategy (CES) The Climate and Energy Strategy will create a roadmap for UCSC to achieve climate neutrality by 2025 through carbon reduction measures. In Progress 05/26/2018
Rachel Carson College Vermicomposting Project Establish vermicomposting (i.e. worm composting) program for Rachel Carson administrative staff at Rachel Carson College. In Progress 05/25/2018
DROPS at Bay View Elementary A water sustainability program demonstrated at Bay View Elementary In Progress 05/16/2018
Natural Bridges High School Bike Generator The purpose of the Bike Generator Project for At Risk Students is to alleviate some of the uncertainty concerning power consumption. Completed 05/07/2018
UCSC Bus Tracking System 2.0 Bus Tracking System will provide campus transit riders the ability to track Campus Day and Night shuttles in real-time. Proposed 05/07/2018
Watsonville as Teacher: Alternative Spring Break The Alternative Spring Break will focus on issues of food justice, bringing College 9 & 10 Students to Watsonville. In Progress 05/07/2018
Solar Energy Allocation System- Engineers Without Borders UCSC Chapter This project aims for Engineers Without Borders-UCSC to develop a solar power package in the UCSC Arboretum. In Progress 05/02/2018
Arboretum Lighting Project Illuminate pathways, driveways, bus stops, parking lot, and traffic signs with solar lights 100% off of the electrical grid. In Progress 05/01/2018
College 8 Greenhouse Aquaponics We have designed this project to show abundant food production using efficient aquaculture and hydroponic growing methods. Completed 04/12/2018
Digging Deeper in the Harbor Grow Quad We are transforming a dusty patch of our campus into a lush and productive edible forest commons. Grow with us! Santa Cruz, California In Progress 04/02/2018