Title Summary Category Status Updated
Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA) Outreach Coordinator The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for organizing all promotional aspects for PICA's quarterly sustainable living workshops. In Progress 12/22/2015
Common Ground Center Events, Media and Promotions I oversaw outreach and event planning in relation to topics revolving around social and environmental justice. In Progress 12/22/2015
Microgrid Development & Energy User Behavior Development of a next generation distributed microgrid, located in a residential neighborhood near UCSC. In Progress 12/22/2015
Zero Waste Team, Sustainability Office We are a team of four students seeking to develop, implement and manage waste reduction projects in an effort to reach Zero Waste by 2020. In Progress 12/18/2015
The Bike Library A program that lends bikes to students and staff on a quarterly basis for free. Helmets, locks and lights are also provided. In Progress 10/22/2015
Campus Weed Management Plan The goal of the campus weed management plan is to have a comprehensive overview of the UCSC campus' current weed management needs In Progress 09/04/2015
Oceanic Scales Inspired by the microorganisms of the sea, visitors to Oceanic Scales will explore their role in maintaining a stable ocean ecology. Proposed 09/04/2015
Lead Propagator Enhanceing restoration efforts on the coastal prairie land on the marine campus and the Younger Lagoon Reserve. Proposed 09/04/2015
Home Campus Pedestrian Plan There is a strong desire that exists for a campus-wide plan that is specifically suited to all human-powered modes of transportation. Proposed 09/04/2015
Bus Tracking System 2.0 the Bus Tracking System 2.0 will provide campus transit riders the ability to track Campus Day and Night Shuttles in real time. Proposed 09/04/2015