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Sustainability Problem and Proposed Solution: 

Engagement of POC, specifically AAPI is perceived to be low in environmental spaces, when in fact there are many cultural and historical examples of AAPI stewardship for the environment. As an inters, in addition to facilitating events and focus groups with POCSC, the event I am working towards will be a celebration of AAPI accomplishments within environmentalism, and will raise awareness of AAPI representation and involvement and give examples of how to get our voices heard in these spaces.

Project Categories: 
Awareness, Education & Engagement
Social Justice
Project Status: 
In Progress
Project End Date: 
Campus Organization: 
People of Color Sustainability Collective
Provost's Sustainability Internship Program
Sustainability Office
Affiliated Department, Unit or College: 
Colleges 9/10
Project Location: 
On campus

Ethnic Resource Center, Baytree Building, 3rd floor