Title Summary Category Status Updated
Sustainable Transportation Peer Advising Program Peer to peer outreach strategy that promotes people powered and sustainable transportation and culture at UCSC In Progress 11/30/2018
Planning for Vehicle Trip Reduction We analyzed how different transportation improvements can improve access to campus while reducing driving. Completed 10/09/2018
North American Regional Conference of Right Livelihood Laureates, May 15-20 at UCSC Conference to promote social justice and sustainability. Kresge's Common Ground Center is the North American "Right Livelihood College." In Progress 08/20/2018
Watsonville as Teacher: Alternative Spring Break The Alternative Spring Break will focus on issues of food justice, bringing College 9 & 10 Students to Watsonville. In Progress 07/25/2018
IDEASS-Rainwater Catchment Developemnt Our goal is to increase stormwater capture and retention in Santa Cruz through the use of low impact development (LID) projects to reduce r In Progress 06/10/2018
Clean Oceans International: UCSC Mixed Recycling Profile An mixed recycling assessment method to determine the distribution of plastic waste in the stream. In Progress 06/09/2018
Creating a Dual Green Business and Green Office Checklist An engaging and ecological commitment to facilitate cooperative measures to incorporate two sustainable certification processes In Progress 06/06/2018
Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement Benchmarking and displaying suppliers carbon emissions, waste, and policies anonymously to spur competition to more sustainable practices. Proposed 06/03/2018
SVC Food-Waste Diversion Program The SVC Food-Waste Diversion Program will purchase and deploy six indoor food-waste bins to establish a sustainable alternative to dumping. In Progress 05/31/2018
Climate and Energy Strategy (CES) The Climate and Energy Strategy will create a roadmap for UCSC to achieve climate neutrality by 2025 through carbon reduction measures. In Progress 05/26/2018