Sustainability Problem and Proposed Solution: 

Soiled cardboard pizza boxes are compostable and can be sequestered into Earth as soil carbon but are instead taking up limited landfill space that should be saved for items that cannot be repurposed. Our project seeks to align itself with Goal 2 of the Materials Management and Food systems section of the Sustainability plan by redirecting this waste and use it as a medium to create compost.

Project Categories: 
Land, Habitat, Watershed
Energy & Climate
Awareness, Education & Engagement
Waste & Recycling
Project Status: 
In Progress
Campus Organization: 
Campus Sustainability Council
Carbon Fund
Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
College Eight Sustainability Minor
Sustainability Office
Affiliated Department, Unit or College: 
IDEASS, College 8
Project Location: 
On campus

Rachel Carson