Title Summary Categories Status Updated
Green Labs Program To create a program that comprises of different determinants of sustainability and to pilot the program in 2 labs. Proposed 04/09/2015
Green Chef Green Chef is a fun sustainable cooking competition featuring a fresh, locally grown, secret ingredient! Completed 01/26/2015
Village Compost Program The Compost Coordinator is responsible for organizing the weekly maintenance of the Village Compost Program. Proposed 01/12/2015
Stevenson Solar Power The Stevenson College Infill Apartments have the capacity to supply as much as 50kW of capacity Proposed 01/02/2015
Elavator Lighting Reducing consumption of energy and save money by using more efficient lighting and motion sensors in elevators. Proposed 01/02/2015
ESLP ART- Aquaponics/Urban Agriculture An analysis of the food system, as well as engages students in building an aquaponics system at PICA. Proposed 01/02/2015
ESLP ART - Natural History explores the surrounding wilderness and extensively discusses native species and California’s original sustainable food system Proposed 01/02/2015
STARS A project that looks into all aspects of campus operations and rates UCSC according to a point scale of sustainability. Proposed 01/02/2015
Homeless Garden Project The Homeless Garden Project provides job training and transitional employment to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness Proposed 01/02/2015
Oikos Santa Cruz This project would create an Oikos chapter at UCSC. Proposed 01/02/2015
CruzGreen Modeled after CruzFit, students will design a program using team competition to promote alternative transportation. Proposed 01/02/2015
Energy and Sustainability at the Wharf The major goal is to increase sustainable development and public awareness of various sustainability efforts Proposed 01/02/2015
Implementing Solar Power at the New FSH This project hopes to implement between 100kW and 500kW of generating capacity at the new Family Student Housing project. Proposed 01/02/2015
ESLP ART-Online Produce Trading Network This ESLP ART project will create an online trading network for locally grown produce and other homemade goods. Proposed 01/02/2015
Home Campus Pedestrian Plan There is a strong desire that exists for a campus-wide plan that is specifically suited to all human-powered modes of transportation. Proposed 01/02/2015