Sustainability Problem and Proposed Solution: 

The community of Calabasas Elementary School (CES) is comprised of predominantly low-income, food insecure, and underrepresented farm-working families in Watsonville. We seek to forge a UCSC/CES partnership where undergraduates and Watsonville families and staff jointly run an after school garden based education program for youth, establish a community garden (which is a sister garden to the C9/C10 campus garden), and foster education, leadership and empowerment.

Project Categories: 
Awareness, Education & Engagement
Social Justice
Project Status: 
In Progress
Campus Organization: 
Provost's Sustainability Internship Program
Sustainability Office
Affiliated Department, Unit or College: 
College 9 and College 10
Project Location: 
Both on and off campus

Univeristy of California Santa Cruz
Watsonville, California