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Title Summary Categories Status Updated
Solar power upgrade for research and teaching at the UCSC Año Nuevo Reserve Purchase and install two solar generators to enable classes to run classes and powerpoint projectors at the Ano Nuevo Natural Reserve In Progress 05/18/2017
Vermicomposting Vermicomposting benefits our waste management and provides an organic fertilizer that is beneficial to growth of plants. Proposed 05/18/2017
Financial Affairs Carbon Education and Reduction Initiative This project aims to measure and reduce the amount of waste produced by disposable coffee cups and water bottles. In Progress 05/17/2017
Eco Media Van The Eco-Media-Van houses and transports UCSC filmmakers while making two new documentaries “Water Makes Us Wet” and “Composting is Hot”! Proposed 05/16/2017
Fostering Food Justice in Calabasas Elementary School and the Watsonville Community Address the discrepancy in healthy sustainable food availability by socio-economic status and race. In Progress 04/20/2017
Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement This project continues an existing program to track sustainability efforts of campus suppliers and suggest sustainable practices to them. In Progress 04/20/2017
Humanities Green Team Internship My project focuses on engaging Humanities faculty, staff and students in sustainable practices in the office and in their everyday lives. In Progress 04/20/2017
Addressing Supplier Diversity & Equity in Procurement - Procurement Services Intern My project stemmed from the need to diversify spend and better utilize disadvantaged suppliers in both UCSC and the UC system. In Progress 04/20/2017
Green Business Micro Grants and Internship Program Certify businesses/departments/organizations that need micro grants in order to be certified with the help of UCSC student interns. In Progress 04/19/2017
Quantifying Urban Tree Canopy in the City of Santa Cruz This project uses high resolution aerial imagery and advanced remote sensing techniques to accurately map the change in urban tree canopy. In Progress 04/19/2017
RESPECT: Renewable energy storage pilot experiment & charge testing This is a pilot project to develop a demonstration energy storage bank for eventual large-scale campus PV systems In Progress 04/19/2017
Central Coast Urban Gardens The project studies water use in urban community gardens to increase and promote water conservation in urban agriculture. In Progress 03/08/2017
Growing Sustainability at the UCSC Arboretum This project focused on: Composting Pilot Program between the Arboretum & PICA, Sustainability Education, and Zero Waste Event Planning Completed 02/08/2017
Sustainable Supply Chain Engagement Benchmarking and displaying suppliers carbon emissions, waste, and policies anonymously to spur competition to more sustainable practices. Proposed 06/14/2016
Food Justice and Sovereignty at Calabasas Community Farm in Watsonville Developing a community garden to promote food security and sovereignty through experiential learning in urban gardening education. In Progress 06/14/2016