Title Summary Category Status Updated
Earth Summit Campaign The Earth Summit is a space for students, staff, faculty, and community members to come together and celebrate campus sustainability. Proposed 05/13/2019
Replacement of Biology Teaching Lab’s old, energy-inefficient freezers and refrigerators Replace aging, energy-inefficient freezer and refrigeration units in the Biology Teaching Laboratories. Completed 05/09/2019
Plastic Sucks: Plastic-Waste-Free Campus UC has set a Zero Waste goal for 2020. We aren't on target to meet this goal. This project goes after plastic. 1st step: Stop consuming it. Proposed 04/03/2019
DROPS at Bay View Elementary A water sustainability program demonstrated at Bay View Elementary In Progress 03/20/2019
Eco Media Van The Eco-Media-Van houses and transports UCSC filmmakers while making two new documentaries “Water Makes Us Wet” and “Composting is Hot”! Proposed 03/20/2019
Earth Accounting Earth Accounting In Progress 03/20/2019
Solar Energy Allocation System- Engineers Without Borders UCSC Chapter This project aims for Engineers Without Borders-UCSC to develop a solar power package in the UCSC Arboretum. In Progress 03/20/2019
Program in Community and Agroecology: Increasing Compost Education PICA is committed to ongoing student education about the benefits of and hands-on experience with different types of composting systems. In Progress 03/20/2019
Rachel Carson College Vermicomposting Project Establish vermicomposting (i.e. worm composting) program for Rachel Carson administrative staff at Rachel Carson College. Completed 12/21/2018
Sustainable Transportation Peer Advising Program Peer to peer outreach strategy that promotes people powered and sustainable transportation and culture at UCSC In Progress 11/30/2018