Title Summary Category Status Updated
Community Fridge Community Fridge - individuals can contribute surplus food items and where others in need can freely take what they require. Proposed 03/20/2024
Bicycle Project Baseline TAPS to create a baseline inventory of bike programs/facilities on campus and opening up opportunities for future bike grant projects. Completed 10/18/2023
Carbon Sequestration, Dung Beetles, and Soil Microbes in Pasturelands of Central Coast California This project will assess the impacts of dung beetles on soil microbial populations and carbon sequestration in pasture systems in central CA In Progress 01/16/2023
Pallet Palace We are building a small, affordable house largely out of discarded pallets to serve as a reproducible model for those in need. In Progress 05/29/2022
Physical Sciences Building Acetone Recycler Installation of an acetone recycling system to reduce solvent waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste of research funding. In Progress 02/02/2022
Fog Water Collection for Critical Irrigation Needs at the UCSC Farm We will collect water from fog at the UCSC organic farm for irrigation of fruit trees impacted by severe drought. In Progress 01/31/2022
The Bike Library A program that lends bikes to students and staff on a quarterly basis for free. Helmets, locks and lights are also provided. Completed 06/14/2021
Wonderfil at UCSC Wonderfil is creating electric dispensers for shampoo & conditioner to eliminate the need for single-use plastic for toiletries on campus. In Progress 04/19/2021
Storm Water Outreach The goal of the project was to increase education and outreach to the UCSC community on storm water practices and knowledge. In Progress 03/29/2021
Water Leak Detection Program Fellow will expand the use of the campus water leak detection software, to help staff and campus residents identify and resolve leaks. Completed 11/20/2020