Title Summary Category Status Updated
UCSC Green Building Checklist The UCSC Green building checklist assists project managers in in better incorporating sustainable design practices into all campus projects Completed 12/22/2015
Program in Community and Agroecology (PICA) Outreach Coordinator The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for organizing all promotional aspects for PICA's quarterly sustainable living workshops. In Progress 12/22/2015
Common Ground Center Events, Media and Promotions I oversaw outreach and event planning in relation to topics revolving around social and environmental justice. In Progress 12/22/2015
Microgrid Development & Energy User Behavior Development of a next generation distributed microgrid, located in a residential neighborhood near UCSC. In Progress 12/22/2015
Zero Waste Team, Sustainability Office We are a team of four students seeking to develop, implement and manage waste reduction projects in an effort to reach Zero Waste by 2020. In Progress 12/18/2015
Campus Weed Management Plan The goal of the campus weed management plan is to have a comprehensive overview of the UCSC campus' current weed management needs In Progress 09/04/2015
Oceanic Scales Inspired by the microorganisms of the sea, visitors to Oceanic Scales will explore their role in maintaining a stable ocean ecology. Proposed 09/04/2015
Lead Propagator Enhanceing restoration efforts on the coastal prairie land on the marine campus and the Younger Lagoon Reserve. Proposed 09/04/2015
Home Campus Pedestrian Plan There is a strong desire that exists for a campus-wide plan that is specifically suited to all human-powered modes of transportation. Proposed 09/04/2015
Bus Tracking System 2.0 the Bus Tracking System 2.0 will provide campus transit riders the ability to track Campus Day and Night Shuttles in real time. Proposed 09/04/2015