Sustainability Problem and Proposed Solution: 

The earth is currently in the middle of its sixth major wave of extinction and the loss of biodiversity has been recognized as a major environmental issue. Coming to the local level, the UCSC campus is quite biodiverse, and several species have disappeared in the past 50 years. Our project will help document the campus’s biodiversity, creating a record that will inform current and future management, and will also provide an educational experience for many people.

Project Categories: 
Land, Habitat, Watershed
Awareness, Education & Engagement
Project Status: 
In Progress
Project End Date: 
Campus Organization: 
Kenneth S. Norris Center for Natural History
UCSC Campus Natural Reserve
Affiliated Department, Unit or College: 
UCSC Natural Reserves, Kenneth S Norris Center for Natural History
Project Location: 
On campus

Ken Norris Center
All around campus natural lands