If you created a project on the old Project Clearinghouse site and that project is not showing up in your project lists when you login, don't fear! Your project still exists, we just need to re-link your email address to your old project. Send an email to with the titles of the projects you wish to have put into your name, and the CruzID to assign them to if it's different than your email address.

If a project is a group project, you can have it put in your name and still give editor access to additional people.

To give access to other individuals, edit your project and click on the "Contacts" tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter in the CruzIDs of any additional project authors into the box.

You may add as many additional authors as you wish, just click "add another item" for additional boxes. All additional authors will have the project show up in their "My Projects" list for easy access.

If your project should be available to a group or groups with changing membership, simply select the appropriate group or groups in the "Campus Organization" field, and editing access will be given to all group members.